Makeup Drawers

The best way to keep your makeup safe and away from humidity or dirt is through proper storage. The right kind of storage doesn’t have to be hard to find. There are various ways you can store your makeup but one of the most reliable means is makeup drawers. They are specifically designed to help you store everything you need in one place. Makeup drawers have several divisions or compartments to help you separate your cosmetics, makeup brushes, powder, mascara, lipstick, nail polish and other items.

You can choose as many stackable drawers as you like and the good thing with makeup drawers is that they don’t take up much of your space. A good place to keep them would be on your vanity in the bathroom or bedroom. They are the best form of storage organizers because then you’ll know where to keep all your make up. You will also not go looking for any of it in other areas of your closet or bedroom should you misplace it. All you have to do is remove the drawers to check the contents inside and maybe then you will find that particular item.

The best form of makeup drawers is the clear type. It helps you easily locate any item you need whenever you need it and therefore saves you time. It also lets you organize your makeup for the best display. This is so because you can store your makeup depending on classification or use. For example, lip gloss and lipsticks can be kept together in one division, while other make-up is stored separately.

Multi-purpose drawer storage will serve you better if you are looking for different ways in which to use your make-up drawers. If you opt for stackable drawers that can be used on their own without the need for a vanity, you can pick one whose top most part can be used as a tray. This way, you can use it to stack every single item you need for easy reach. A multi-purpose drawer will also have room for jewelry and watches.

The drawers feature one of a kind design that will bring style to your closet, bathroom and bedroom. You will come across some of the most magnificent designs ever. You can choose accessories and a finish that matches your style. The drawers can be fitted with knobs of chrome, glass and crystal. The main frame for the drawers could be made from acrylic, plastic, chrome or wood. Whatever material you choose to go for, it should be easy to clean such that removing stains, spills or dirt doesn’t become a difficult task.

Drawers are available in all sizes. Small sized ones are the best to go for if you don’t have too many cosmetics or if you have limited space on which to place the drawers. However, if you have lots of make up that needs proper storage and have enough space to utilize, you can go for any number of drawers from 2 to 8. The bigger the drawers, the more storage space you’ll have.