Pinks, peaches, and browns, are all in a mess. On your last visit to a makeup shop, you got yourself a red lipstick with an orangish tinge. You were not sure whether you had this shade or not, but this afternoon when you carefully sifted through your makeup items that you have built in your dresser drawers, you realised that you had this very shade. You are probably afraid that it is because of your weakening memory that you got a copy of the tone you already possess. On second thoughts, you always have a variety of shades, and it is not necessary that they stick in your memory if you have not used them for a while.

You need to put your thinking cap on and catch the culprit. But let’s make things easy for you here. Did you realise that you have a huge and messy drawer for your makeup items? Did you notice that the last time a friend asked for the purple nail varnish shade, you had to fumble through the sea of nail paints until you finally found the colour that you were looking for? And do you not think this chaos of makeup is the real reason behind your delay to parties?

Part of the frustration when you have accidentally applied your eyeliner wrong, and which is quickly drying up, is because you cannot find the eye makeup remover. And it takes you hours to get your hands on the eye makeup remover because your cosmetic pieces are not an organised lot.

It is high time that you learn there exists a human invention called a makeup organiser. It helps you carefully arrange your makeup in a set order and saves time. Since your makeup helps you look gorgeous, it deserves care and attention too. Throwing them around in a rush is not only a pain in the neck for you the next time you gather your tools for getting ready, but it also damages your makeup with all the rough treatment.

Why you need a makeup storage box
Here are some of the quick points why a makeup organiser is your need.

It saves time
For a lady, makeup is a must. You know what people say; a woman without makeup is like food without salt. Of course, there is a different sort of makeup that you do for various events. And on a daily basis, some products such as foundations, concealers, and lip colours are important. Most of the time, it takes long to find the correct shade that complements your outfit. Even in the morning hours, the rush to the office can be crazy, and you need to immediately wear the best nude shades available with you. With the help of a makeup organiser, you can swiftly access the desired shade you are looking for without losing your temper.

It helps prevent damage to your makeup
It is the rule of law that makeup is not cheap. A sizeable portion of a woman’s wealth goes into getting the latest glittery eye shadows, the protein-filled lip balms, and vitamin-enriched cheek and lip stains. When you typically give a rough treatment to anything, it damages. In a makeup drawer, where all sorts are clattered together, it may damage. For example, one of the colours in the eye shadow palette may loosen and come off the tray. In the long run too, damages such as these and the like are bound to happen. You would not want your hard-earned bucks to go down the drain, therefore, gather your wits and get a make-up case for your precious makeup.

It is a sight to behold
To speak a woman’s heart out, it really is a sight to behold when all the make-up that you have collected is arranged in a sophisticated manner. An itsy-bitsy reason why we love to take long casual walks in makeup stores is that the sight of all the makeup, arranged in a beautiful manner, is beyond expression. Obviously, you cannot have the entire paradise at home, however, by having a make-up storage furniture, you can have a slice of this paradise at your home.

For the love of your skin
Many of us have sensitive skin, and even if we do not, it is proven by dermatologists that we maintain a certain standard of hygiene when using makeup. Poor quality makeup is one of the reasons behind skin allergies and acne. While we all are smart enough to select good quality makeup that suits our skin type, it is also important that we should be careful while storing up brushes. For one, makeup brushes are good spots for bacteria to hide in and secondly, they should not be left lying open on your dressing table. Who knows, the brush dropped on the floor, someone picked it up and replaced it?

By utilising a makeup brush holder, you can organise your brushes in a hygienic and efficient manner. Also, when all your brushes are in the correct places, makeup becomes safe, and the act saves precious minutes as well. A make-up brush holder is akin to having a knife holder that holds knives of different shapes and sizes in an organised manner and helps save time in cooking. If you cook on a daily basis, you can relate to the example easily.

Cosmetic bags are travel-friendly
When on the go, you need makeup boxes greatly. You would not want to put all your makeup, even if it is just the essentials, in your bag. It would be dreadful if unfortunately your perfume spills on all your cosmetics and you have a fit. It is better to save yourself from all the panic. For a modern woman, cosmetics bags are the need of the hour. Whether you are travelling on a journey or it is just a daily commute, you need to get yourself a makeup bag.

Makeup bags are for all and sundry
Do not postpone getting yourself a makeup case thinking that these bags are only for professionals or for salon uses. Even if you try to keep it natural, using makeup and keeping it safely organised in a cosmetic bag are important. You can opt for a small storage box in that case, though. Makeup storage furniture is for every girl. Its use ranges from passionate lovers of makeup to professional artists to everyday women. In a nutshell, a this storage box is almost as essential as the cosmetics itself.

Pool of makeup storage organisers to choose from
If you are a professional or just a random woman with a passion for makeup that holds cosmetic pieces in bulk, you can choose a large makeup box. If you are a minimalist and prefer to keep a light look without much makeup, just the basics, even then you need a makeup case, you can easily opt for a small make-up bag.

Makeup storage boxes comes in various shapes and sizes. They can be small, medium or large, depending on your needs. Also, there are different forms, patterns, and designs to accommodate your needs. For instance, there are models with separate storage compartments for different items of cosmetic products such as a separate space for managing your nail varnishes, a different spot for blush-ons and some space for eye makeup. There are a variety of cosmetic bags to pick from.

There are varying materials that go into the making of storage boxes. They may be made of plastic, metal, cotton and even wood. Acrylic makeup storage boxes are made from clear and durable acrylic that offers you a view of your organised pieces. You can always pick from any material that you love.

Types of makeup storage furniture
There are various types of makeup storage accessories. These are highlighted below:

Makeup trays
These are mostly plastic-made and require a counter-top to sit on. Makeup trays keep cosmetic products separate from each other by dedicating separate slots to different types. These trays are perfect for keeping each cosmetic tool separately in their dedicated tiers. These tend to come without a lid or cover, so makeup needs to be cleaned regularly, specifically the brushes to prevent the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

Makeup carousels
Makeup carousels are ideal options for those who want a makeup tray but with more space for cosmetics. Carousels also need the same cleaning as trays. These are revolving by nature, generally made of plastic or acrylic and tend to be stationary. Makeup carousels have moving shelves or parts that provide greater storage space over the trays.

Makeup cases
It is the top priority tool for any makeup guru. They are on the bulkier end. But they have the advantage of holding lots of cosmetics in an easy-to-access manner. Makeup cases have folding shelves or drawers that keep makeup in a neat and easy-to-find way. Most of the makeup cases are made of metal or plastic, making for a durable structure and are easy to keep tidy as well. Some of the models come with handles and wheels that give the makeup case the added benefit of transportability; others might not have wheels and are designed to sit on the same spot.

Hanging makeup organisers
As the name suggests, these organisers hang by hooks or in closets, freeing up counter space. These are made of cotton, plastic, nylon or a combination of these materials. They have separate pockets to keep your cosmetic tools neatly. Also, makeup is easy to find in these organisers. A plastic cover assists in keeping products separately, thus, keeping makeup clean and germ-free. Hanging make-up organisers are the best space-savers. Some of these are foldable and hence portable.

Tips to help you select your cosmetic case
There are a few things you need to consider before you select your makeup box. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind before selecting the perfect vanity case for yourself.

Makeup tends to leave its traces behind. A little nail varnish may spill, or a dust of powder may gather in your make-up box. No matter how careful you are with your cosmetics, these small accidents tend to happen often. One of the things you need to take into account here is the material that goes into the making of your makeup kit.

Some materials are easy to clean, others are hard to keep tidy due to their material. Here are the things you need to be aware of:
Metal is prone to rust.
Plastic can be easily washed with water and soap.
Nylon is also easy to wipe off makeup remains.
Cotton can absorb stains permanently.
Acrylic makeup storage cases are a titbit tough to keep clean.
Select the material carefully keeping in mind the type of makeup you use the most.

Some makeup cases occupy a lot of space, whereas, others tend to take little space. If you are someone who has enough flat area such as a dresser or a bathroom shelf, a makeup tray or carousel is ideal. But if you are short on space, pick a hanging makeup organiser to conserve space.
Size of the box
A tip of prime importance is to select a makeup storage box that meets your demands. If you are a person who owns little makeup, go for a small one, if you have lots of makeup, go for a commodious makeup box, and if you have a variety of makeup, select an organiser that offers different compartments for storing the multiple types of makeup separately.

Get your makeup furniture depending on your pocket. Makeup bags often lie at the cheap end. Makeup trays and hanging makeup organisers start going up the scale but are still moderate in prices. Makeup carousels and cases are priciest and tend to stay on top of the budget list. You can purchase any makeup organiser that remains light on your pocket as well as serves your needs.

A makeup bag is easy to transport from place to place. However, few cosmetic cases become bulkier and are not as effortless to transport as makeup storage bags. But they can be easily moved if they are the type with wheels and handles. Hanging organisers, makeup trays and carousels are meant to be stationary.

Select the one you think best serves your purpose. Mostly, it is safe to have a stationary one at home along with a small make-up bag for carrying around with yourself. We all own cosmetics, makeup organisers just help in making life easy, after all organisation is the key to success.